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I create abstract, often monochrome, paintings that range from muted colors to more vibrant tones. The focus of the work is the consistent reduction of the palette, which is chosen to focus on the soothing, peaceful calm of the works. This reduced painting shows my devotion to the combination of painting ground, surface treatment and color. I create my works on cardboard, paper, canvas and wood. Although minimal, my way of working is not minimalistic. The works are created in complex work steps, which produce attractive structures and details. The haptic perception plays a central role in my works. «.... You may touch my paintings! This allows you to discover my works with multiple senses.»

Member of visarte (Swiss professional association of visual arts)

Member of SGBK Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen (Swiss association of female visual artists)

Member of arts association Kunstverein Artischock


Portrait / my artistic work


Video: René Lüthi
Edition: Santiago Ojeda @santi.on.tour


Painting Identity

as part of the exhibition at the Kantonsspital Olten, 2019


Video: René Lüthi
Edition: Santiago Ojeda @santi.on.tour

Kontakt Details

Cornelia Egli

Birkenweg 12 b
CH-5412 Gebenstorf

Hagenbüchlerstrasse 1
CH-5442 Fislisbach

Tel. + 41 76 421 61 06