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My artwork is an exploration of silence and space, where minimal shapes, lines and colors create an emotional depth that is beyond words.

In a world that seems overwhelmed by visual noise, my goal is to create moments of calm. My artworks invite viewers to immerse themselves in the delicate shades of the surfaces and make a personal connection with them. The works thus become places of reflection. In my minimal abstract art work, I always explore reduction to the essential. My art form emphasizes clear aesthetics and the seemingly simple. In my artistic practice, attention to detail and haptic perception play just as important a role as continuous development and experimentation with new materials and techniques.

Member of visarte (Swiss professional association of visual arts)

Vice-President Section Bern/Romandie of SGBK Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen (Swiss association of female visual artists)

Member of arts association Kunstverein Artischock

Cornelia Egli's paintings move in the space of the analogue. Through physical transmission, just like any creative act, feelings, impulses and other motivations find their way to paper or canvas. With her way of working, she has created her own inimitable universe. Starting with the materiality, which includes pigments, glues, wax, paper, etc., up to completed works that radiate unique effects in their appearance. Its content seems to be the color itself; the elements visible in it could almost be overlooked, but should never be missed. Her practice is carried out with the utmost care. Step by step, with more emphasis on pausing and hesitation than on spontaneous expression. Nevertheless, moments of freshness and vitality are not missing, rather they seem to be carried by maturity and contemplation. The mysterious effect comes from a moment in this painting that is barely visible and yet essential. In a seemingly ritualistic manner, Egli covers bright colored areas with tough, dark oil paint, which she then washes clean again. The restrained effect of the colors is not planned in advance, but rather develops in the process. The shadow or a kind of patina create the magical moments of viewing. Something was there of which only traces remain, a breath whose history and essence the eye seeks. We have often been able to experience what can be found at the Mauritiushof: the long shadows of our own memories and associations of personal origins that touch us in depth. When Cornelia Egli formulates something she wants, then perhaps it is exactly that. The work steps in Egli's painting practice are close to existential themes in life: the becoming with all crises and moments of change, irregularities and a great organizing principle that supports and integrates them.

In the exhibition inVISIBLE PERCEIVing in the Mauritiushof, these effects were examined in many ways. From a mirror for individual projections to a lively discourse about emptiness, the almost nothing, which is always something. Egli’s pictures also enable meditation or devotion in a unique way. They seem to begin to live anew when exposed to quiet contemplation for a longer period of time. The inner dialogue that took place enlivened the viewer in a touching way. The secret in Egli's work probably lies in the same source as the aesthetic principles of ancient Japan and Zen practice. The practice of life becomes art. The given - the personality, the necessary - the development and the experience - the crises and challenges, make up the mastery. In this sense, my eulogy is a praise for a woman who lives what she is and paints what she lives. No sheet fits between them. One can be excited about developments that have Egli's valuable potential and wish her room and time for them.

Edyta Nadolska-Scheib, curator Galerie Mauritiushof - 2023

Portrait / my artistic work


Video: René Lüthi
Edition: Santiago Ojeda @santi.on.tour

Painting Identity

as part of the exhibition at the Kantonsspital Olten, 2019


Video: René Lüthi
Edition: Santiago Ojeda @santi.on.tour

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Cornelia Egli

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