Women in parliament

Art project with SGBK and Exhibition in the parliament Bern from October 27th till Dezember 17th


elected - chosen - women as part of the whole

The Federal Constitution begins with the sentence: «In the name of God Almighty! […] » and addresses the «Swiss people». As people we are meant to be; one body with many parts, which together form as a whole a unity in diversity. Woman, man and God; God, man and woman - complementary - for one another - with one another - appreciative - caring - enriching. Also in the parliament - for the benefit of everyone! According to 1 Corinthians 12, 12ff (The Bible)

Preparations, making the pattern

Blank of the wooden figure


Sand layer for adhesion of leveling compound

For the next layer, dip in the black wax

Glued wax squares

After applying several coats of white pigment ...

Several yellow coats followed.



The finished figure